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Thank you for deciding to visit Kaunas! New courses are waiting for you. Your results will give you points in Challenge Cup rankings. 

Review course options below:

From 1 hour


Green Course

Course for the first timers at Challenge race. Great way to learn about adventure racing and spend your day actively. New adventures and experiences guaranteed! If you seek top ranking, exercise a little bit in advance: go for a jog, bike and learn about orienteering, and on event day - bring your good mood.

From 2 hours


Blue Course

Seek more adventures and challenges than the Green course has to offer? Sportive and active lifestyle is natural to you? Then we have a challenge ready for you! Choose the Blue course, find a partner and start training. Run, bike, solve puzzles, learn navigation. Attend our suggested training sessions to improve some of these skills.

From 3 hours


Red Course

You participate in running or other sports competitions; regularly practice orienteering? Dream to racing against the strongest but don’t feel ready yet? Then Red course is for you! You will need endurance, strength, good orienteering skills, ability to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Choose Red course now and be ready for the Black in the following event.

From 5 hours


Black Course

Course for athletes who wish to push their limits during our race. Prior competitive experience is a must. Participants must not only be strong physically but have excellent orienteering skills if wish to complete the full course. Expect from 5 to 9 hours of exercise in the course that even the strongest struggle to complete entirely. It is a serious challenge for serious athletes.